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Our Book Cover Will Bring your Story to Life

It is true you can’t judge a book by its cover… but a good cover never hurt the good book behind it. Why not give your amazing writing the best of both worlds? Our book cover designs help your readers visualize the world you create, and the shades you color it in with.

As One-of-a-Kind Designers, Our Team Loves to Server Independent Authors & Unique Publishers

Because we provide expertise for all visual layout and formatting of your book, consider Slick Book Publishing your single stop for essentially professionally “stylizing” and organizing your book for your audience. Not only do we provide countless illustrations to complement your story, we offer editing consultations along with chapter layout and other fundamental formatting decisions. We’ll make sure your book, from cover to cover, has the look and feel of a New York Times’ Bestseller!

Slick Book Design’s Services

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Custom Book Cover Design

One-of-a-kind custom covers that connect with readers at first glance. Maintains an undoubtedly professional appeal while inspiring readers with a sense of boundless creativity.

Brilliant Illustrations

We take pride in the stunning illustrations created by our talented artists. See examples of their work here! (attach link)

E-Book Formatting

Slick Book Design crafts book covers that deftly cross over into the e-book market. Your book will succeed both in paper and online versions with Slick Book on your side! We help with marketing to online platforms as well, a huge help for independent authors looking to publish their next work.

Professional Editing

Slick Book Design offering professional editing services as well, making sure the illustrations match the word, tone, atmosphere, and message of your book. We polish the words and match the illustrations to that perfected result!

The Team Behind Slick Book Design

Professional Service, Brilliant Creativity

A team of editors, illustrators, and graphic designers, Slick Book Design has been helping authors put the perfect finishing touch on their novel for over a decade…
Because of this team full of creative artists and meticulous editors, Slick Book Designs provides both expansive ideas and specific concepts to implement while organizing your book into its final version. Any amount of illustrations are easily handled by our professionally trained artists, while the graphic designers and editors team up to format, visually lay out, and transform your book into its most accessible version for audiences. We are a writer’s dream because we can take a finished manuscript and turn it into a polished e-book overnight!

True to Our Profession

The Tenants of Slick Book Design

Saving Precious Time with Full Effort & Savvy Online Marketing

You save your time and effort while the marketing of your book is taken care of. (How do you help with marketing exactly?)

Easy Uploads for Every Visual Medium

You are just one click away from putting your book, with its fresh new cover, in the hands of ardent and enthusiastic readers.

48 Hour Project Turnaround

The rough draft of your cover is in your hands within 48 hours.

Affordable Cost, Professionally Stylized Book Cover

We are cost effective; we simply understand how budgeting matters to budding authors. It doesn’t mean you wont get an incredibly professional, high resolution product. We do payment plans with authors as well!

Slick Book Design’s Stunning Covers Double as an Online Marketing Asset

The Importance of Book Covers as a Marketing “Thumbnail”

Slick Book Design makes sure that your book cover will flawlessly translate into e-book versions, ensuring high engagement and excellent online reviews among your audience. We consider modern book covers to be critical marketing elements.

Like album covers or YouTube thumbnails, e-book covers are essential identifying markers audiences use to familiarize themselves with your work. Creative book designs subconsciously pull the reader in, giving them an experience they’ll want to share with friends and family. Slick Book Designs will give you that effect every time!

Our E-Book Covers Improve Visibility on all Platforms

Reach out to more and more readers who appreciate your work. Our covers encourage positive reviews and feedback from the buyers because of the feeling they first got when discovering your novel. This strong first impression helps reach higher book sales brackets on online platforms like Kindle, IBookstore, Lulu, and more!

Why Us?​

We are much more than just designers.
We are passionate about our work. We help you in making your book successful.

You need a book cover that compliments your story.
Book lovers get attracted at the first glance and feel the essence of the theme.

The right cover reflects the genre

Our stunning book cover designs speak about the story which is every writer’s dream.

Our covers do the talking for you

We make the book cover design do the visual talking that has lasting impact on the reader.

Better performing covers

Reach out to more and more readers who appreciate your work. Our covers ensure positive reviews and feedback from the buyers. This in turn reflects your book reach higher sales bracket on online platforms like Kindle, etc.

Readers yearn for something new and refreshing

Our designs assure, the pages within are worth their time and attention. Outcome is, most of the viewers turn into buyers.

Your time is precious

You save your time and effort while the marketing of your book is taken care of.

Quick turnaround

The rough draft of your cover is in your hands within 48 hours.

Affordable costing

We are cost effective as we understand it does matter to an author.

Easy uploads

You are just one click away to watch your book in the hands of ardent readers.

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Our Recent Designs

Get Started Today with Slick Book Design

Choose a package and book your cover by making a secure deposit. Line of work starts once we know what the book is and who the book is for through a provided Questionnaire. You can see the job through within 10 days of placing the order. Upon confirmation of your satisfaction and closing approval, Slick Book Design will send high resolution files. These “masters” of your book cover can be upload online or sent directly to your publisher. If we ever have any questions along the way, we make it our business to reach out. Please never hesitate to contact us, the more feedback we get the better Slick Book Design’s creative team can figure exactly what you want and need.

Publishing Services

Cover Design

Custom covers that connect with readers at a glance.


Brilliant illustrations created by our talented artists.


Hand-formatted for every tablet, phone, and eReader.


Polish your words with a professional edit.

Our Happy Clients


I completed their questionnaire about my novel, and they supplied a draft copy in quick time. I asked for alterations and it’s on its way to high resolution. I must thank them for their time and work.
Philip Shepherd
I contracted to design 3 new book covers for 3 of my 8 novels. A quote, timescale and questionnaires setting out the parameters agreed. First drafts were complete within a few days and all requests for changes, most of which were my requests additional to my original concept, were completed quickly and efficiently by their team. I now have 3 new covers which embody the theme of the novels’ content and look excellent.
Keith Wells

Happy Writing!

We are confident you will appreciate our work and this becomes a cherished memory for us.
Do get in touch with us and get to see the wider perspective of our creativity.

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